Wings high, fam! I’m Stephanie BwaBwa

I’m an Afro-Caribbean, Christian, Epic and Romance Fantasy Author, Universe Builder, and Creative Entrepreneur with big dreams, a big heart, and novels that fill readers with awe, light, and wonder.

Peep me: Avoiding people even though I’m good at people’ing, pumping caffeine into my system to make it to 12:00pm, eating Haitian patties, and tapping into my inner Afro-Caribbean auntie when my Americanism is tapped out.

I wasn’t always a dope author, writing novels with angels that mirror our trials and our triumphs…

To be honest, about a decade ago, I was a broken young woman who got fed up with God and was desperate to release the swells of rage harbored inside. I had reached a place where I’d ran out of the strength to get on my knees. I lost the ability to physically open up my mouth to pray.

So I picked up a pen to do it instead. I started writing out my prayers on paper. The majority of those turned into poems. Little did I know, that would be a short jump to me writing my first urban fantasy novel.

That first written prayer led to my author career today. From prayer to publishing, God led me down a journey where he made it clear, my pulpit would be pages, and my sermons would be stories.

Nowadays, not gon’ hold you, I’m just living my best life, by: serving in my local church, loving my family, or kicking it with my homies. And every once in awhile, I drop a novel full of angels, angst, adventure, and awe. 😉