The Court of Dreams and Stars

The Court of Dreams and Stars by Stephanie BwaBwa, an Elledelle novel

Ruth and Boaz meets Beauty and the Beast in this romantic fantasy.

A renown healer mourning her murdered mate. A Barbarian king fighting against legions of fallen angels. An unexpected love that will mend their hearts and save their endangered kingdom.

When Fallen angels kill her mate, grief stricken Jerielle leaves with her Creed Mother to start a new life in the foreign kingdom of Starfall.

As Jerielle enters Starfall, she catches the eyes of a starry figure with a smirk that lights a flame within. Initially, she fights her growing attraction, choosing to remain in mourning… until she learns the figure is Starfall’s Barbarian King. A king in need of a bride by winter’s solstice.

With the threat of the Fallen legion at Stallfall’s gates, Jerielle is caught between her work, her grief, and the quickly burning flame in her heart. Willing to love again, she chooses to win the heart of the king.

Except when she does, Jerielle will learn the truth, and what it costs to be chosen by the Barbarian King…

If you love swoony fairytales with a dark twist, this new adult fantasy romance filled with mysterious angels, intimate, clean romance, and ample danger is just for you!

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I loved everything about this book the unique animals, the places, the angels. The worldbuilding is by far my favorite thing about the book. I love how Ruth and Boaz were brought to life, making them human with human problems (angels in this case lol), unlike the stagnant way they are represented in the Bible. Will definitely reread once I get my physical copy. Thank Stephanie for a beautiful world can’t wait to go back to it soon.

Mesuur I.

The Court of Dreams and Stars

Oh my goodness!! I love the story of Ruth in the Bible and this retelling was amazing!! Full of action, suspense and romance. I definitely read all 422 pages in like 3 days. I truly love how Stephanie weaves these stories of angels!

Sonja W.

The Court of Dreams and Stars