Seraphim Falling – Autographed Paperback

From the creator of Elledelle, comes a thrilling, epic fantasy, adventure containing black angels, magic, and a world of action-packed mystery.

Order your autographed paperback of Seraphim Falling, the first book in The Seraphim Resistance Prequels.

Orders are currently for US only and come complimentary with a bookmark.

Seraphim Falling is a 6 x 9 printed paperback. This book contains 110 pages.

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Titaia wanted peace. Her enemies brought her war.

Titaia Angelfyre, the most powerful Seraph of Flames, proved her might and earned herself a crown. She’s a coronation away from sealing her fate to rule and protect all angels and their lands.

But when she’s attacked by darkness only heard of in legends, Titaia will be forced to run and make a life altering decision. How far will she go to protect the angels and save her own life?

Herein lies the tale of how the end began from the beginning.

“Beautiful world-building in a rich landscape of emotion. I was all over the place – rising in awe of the angelic beings and their vibrancy, recoiling at the horror of war, and plummeting in sorrow over their loss and despair. This book was short and powerful, packing quite a punch of feeling! I loved it. Can’t wait for the rest of this series!”