Bound By Watchers

For fans of The Cruel Prince, Jack the Giant Slayer, and From Blood and Ash

Samson and Delilah meets Jack and the Beanstalk in this cozy, epic fantasy romance.

Samson and Delilah meets Jack and the Beanstalk in this cozy, epic fantasy romance.

She's a Fae Enchantress who'll betray him for restitution. He's a Condemned Angel who will bewitch her for his freedom.

After the angels caused Daliah's family to flee Sèlie lands to seek refuge in Un'Sèlie, she understood why Fae never made bargains with the angels. So when the angels summon her for a hired job, she's quick to deny them.

Until they make her an offer she can't refuse.

In a tower above the angelic kingdom of Avari, is bound a Condemned angel, imprisoned for high treason. Before he's executed, the Sky Watchers need to know the secret to his power.

Daliah has one job to do: Betray the Condemned and her name will be cleared so she can return home to the Sèlie kingdom.

But what will she do when she's sent to the sky tower and the Condemned seduces her first?

Bound by Watchers is book 3 in the Starry Kingdoms of the Fae Collection. These books are all standalones written by your favorite fantasy authors and are the perfect read for your summer vacation. Prepare to be swept away into magical worlds with tropes you obsess over and swoon-worthy romance.

Bound By Watchers Preview

“Lightheart.” His voice was a husky breath. Embers danced in his amber and pale eyes.

“I hurt profoundly if I’m lost, but worse, if I’m not ever had at all. I can be difficult to display, and so easy to overlook. I’ve been restrained from many until I was finally given to you.” The suns silhouetted his frame, amplifying the light of his eyes. I burned beneath it, my heart racing.

“My beautiful, brilliant, Lightheart. What am I?”

“Zhèmson,” I choked. I brushed one of his cheeks with my thumb. My bottom lip trembled.

“You hurt profoundly when lost, are difficult to display, but have been finally given to me.” I could hardly see him through my tears as I brought his forehead to mine.

“You are love, Zhèmson. You are love.”

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